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LINX 8900

The Linx 8900 CIJ printer makes operation, reliability and efficiency easier than ever, so you can spend more time coding, and increasing output from your production line. With 3 lines of text, barcodes, symbols and numbers from 1.8mm and up to 20mm high, the Linx 8900 is a flexible coding option for both primary and secondary packaging.

Linx 5900

The Linx 5900 continuous ink jet printer is designed to provide consistently reliable coding, together with the lowest-in-class maintenance costs.

Linx TJ725

The Linx TJ725 thermal inkjet printer is an ideal digital alternative to roller coders, valvejet and CIJ systems, providing high resolution coding onto boxes, trays and sleeves.

LINX 7900

Everything you'd expect from a CIJ printer, as standard. The new Linx 7900 offers a wealth of features at no extra cost, including state of the art Linx Insight® software.


The newest ‘Self-Service’ CIJ printer for coding up to 3 lines of text, dates, times and logos. Easy to operate with a compact design, it is the most portable CIJ printer on the market.

LINX SL102 and SL302

The Linx SL102 is a low power 10W CO2 scribing laser coder specially designed to be economical, yet versatile for a wide range of coding applications. The Linx SL302 is a mid-powered 30W CO2 scribing laser coder that delivers improved productivity, low maintenance and low running costs, with no compromise on code quality.

LINX IJ355 and IJ375

Code more and save more with new Linx large character printers. The Linx IJ355 and IJ375 high definition case coders offer a cost-effective, easy to use alternative to other large character printers, and to the labelling or pre-printing of secondary packaging.


VA Systems is representing Linx like an official distributor of all Linx products in all territory of Russia. We are responsible for selling and installing LINX products, training of personnel, supplying with consumables, service and repairing.

A modern design, high reliability, easy of use and high performance of Linx machines attract new customers in Russia from the North-West to Far East, extending the limits of the quality marking and coding.

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